Tuesday, February 4, 2014

why baby teeth grow too late?

Average milk teeth were first grown by age + / - 6 months . Beginning with the lower incisors that grow on average around the age of 6-10 months , while the upper incisors grow at about the age of 8-12 months . However, the growth rate between the teeth of the child with the other child is not necessarily the same . There is growing faster but there are also longer . Not a few teething child 's first year when the age of 1 , and when the tooth out may be more than one gear at a time . It is a variation of normal and not to worry .

However , there are factors that affect the speed of the growth of children's teeth . Already begun the process of tooth formation when the child is still in the mother's womb , when the fetus is about 4 months old . Possible milk teeth grew more slowly than necessary is greater in children born prematurely or birth weight less , because the process of growth and development in general as well as rudimentary teeth .

But if the milk teeth grow too late when the child is born at term , then of course there are other factors such as the child's diet . If during these babies were given only soft foods only then should the child began to be introduced to the food and rather coarse textured . Of course, how to cook and what kind of food adapted to the age of the baby . Keep in mind , less soft foods provide a stimulus for the growth of children's teeth and jaw . Precisely by being given food that is a little bit harder, the muscles of mastication , the teeth and jaw bones to work harder and to stimulate the growth of teeth and bones . Dentition can also be stimulated by giving a child a toy to chew . The same function , namely to provide stimulation to the teeth and bones . But do not forget to pay attention to the cleanliness of the toy recall toy that will go into the child's mouth , and select toys that are safe and free of toxic substances .

Another factor could be due to the child's gums are thicker than normal or something more complex such as nutrient deficiency or genetic disorder , although it is usually coupled with other symptoms . If the child is over the age of 1 year and teeth have not grown as well , you should immediately consult your dentist child dental specialist ( drg Sp.KGA ) to find the cause and how to solve it .